Saturday, October 26, 2013

Randoms ~ 2013

Over the summer this teacher took up some hobbies! I absolutely loved reaping the benefits of having my first summer as a teacher off! I have a love for fast things and baking. I took up some motorcycle classes as well as a cupcake decorating class. Can't wait to start baking some cool cupcakes for my little kinders this school year!

Taking the class made me more excited about riding! I'm more intrigued now than ever. Next I'm going to look into learning more about the mechanics of a bike. As much as I love riding, I more than likely will only ride on a track somewhere remote. Can't trust these MI drivers!!

This class was so much fun! Not only did I learn how to decorate but I also learned about the different frosting to use and how to use frosting inside the cupcakes!

My para knows me a little too well! This was my 'back to school' gift from her! Gotta love it.

Our first 'Fun Friday' of the school year. The little ones watched Despicable Me and my para made some cupcakes to go with the movie! What can I say... we share a love for baking cupcakes, LOL.

Went to 'Painting with a Twist' with the staff! This was super fun. I look forward to going back. VERY relaxing!

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